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Jake and Vienna Interview: Who Do You Believe? (part 4)

Vienna storms off the set of the interview crying after Jake yells at her to stop interrupting him.

15 385 Jake and Vienna Interview: Who Do You Believe? (part 4)

THE BACHELORETTE: Jake & Vienna Face Off (Part 4)

  • chris Parkey

    I think Vienna is whinny baby. If I were a man, I could not stand being in the same room with her. Heck, as a woman, I would have a hard time being around her. When Jake finally told her to shut up, you see that she ran off, interview over, and cried. She did not get her way.
    It is, I believe, both of there faults that this relationship broke up. I never thought from day 1 that it would last. I didn’t trust her father. And the dog, she loves her father and the Dog more than Jake.
    I don’t believe that ABC should have ever put the interview on. I could care less about knowing why they broke up. It is a private affair. I know that the Show is why there got together, but I believe only 2 of these couples have actually gotten married.

    • chris Parkey

      I believe Jake more than I do Vienna

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