Beat David Rancken July 2, 2010

beat david rancken 385 kvil17 Beat David Rancken July 2, 2010

Want to win a cool prize? :) Are you up for a trivia contest against our News Director, David Rancken? Gene and Julie play Beat David Rancken weekday mornings at 6:30amCST

Are you up for the challenge? We need new players!! :) Please!! Please Email us:

Here are today’s questions

1)  Who played Frasier?

2)  Who is Jennifer Garner married to?

3)  Who played PeeWee Herman?

4)  Who cried during his Michael Jackson tribute at the BET awards?

5)  Where would  you find Edward, Bella, and Jacob?


1)  Kelsey Grammer

2)  Ben Affleck

3)  Paul Reubens

4)  Chris Brown

5)  Twilight


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